Dan K - Chief Operating Officer - Jigsaw (Google subsidiary), New York, NY

Sue and her team are extraordinary. You'll never regret hiring them for projects big and small. They work swiftly, compassionately, and under budget. What more can you ask for? 

Lea D - Executive and Mother, New York, NY

After years of planning to organize my closets, I finally hired Sue and it was amazing! Sue and her partner Lindsay helped me go through everything, sort out what to keep, what to donate and what to send to consignment. They then folded and re-organized everything to make better use of my space! It was all done with amazing attitudes and genuine positivity which helped keep me energized throughout the process. They organize much more than closets and I'm planning to use them again in the future. 

Andy B - Google Executive, New York, NY

I think I may have been put on this earth to write this review. You see, I am an unmitigated organizational disaster. At heart, I'm essentially a dog at a squirrel rodeo. My only hope is to lean on brilliant, kind, patient, hopeful people. For the last five years, Sue has been just that, and not to help me just once, but to endure ten hours a day of me, sorting out anything and everything that came up in the fast, nutty, whatever-it-takes environment of our group at Google. And brilliant she was, and conscientious and always fun, happy and her wonderful, lovely self. I always have and always will trust her with absolutely anything, personal or professional. She helped me every day in every way for five years and I was heartbroken to lose her, but happy she's doing what she's great at. I wouldn't wish my level of organizational IQ on anyone, but it lets me say this with great conviction: If Sue could help me so effectively for so long, I'm pretty certain she can help just about anybody. I could not recommend her more highly.

Kerry O - Sales Executive, New York, NY

You changed my life! I am full of gratitude!  You were my therapist this morning, I was a little overwhelmed in the last mile to be honest, and you helped me through it. I needed to be hands on with you and you tuned in to my hesitations. It was a great synergy.

I knew from your first response you were the team for me. Can't thank you enough! A huge weight has been lifted. I am liberated! This is now my home. I left for a business trip just now, with everything in its place, bed made, no piles, truly outstanding, I can't wait to get back home. I may reach out for touch ups as need and I will for sure recommend you.

PS I need to take you out for a drink, your kindness and empathy was truly exceptional today! That kind of empathy and compassion is rare these days.

Niall N - Executive, New York, NY

I highly recommend Sorted by Sue! I was downsizing from a one bedroom apartment (with a dreaded storage unit) where I'd lived for 10 years, to a studio. I initially thought I didn't have much stuff to deal with but soon realised I was wrong and I needed help. With Sue's guidance (and firm-but-fair discipline...) it took half a day to go through all my clothes and personal belongings, some of which I'd entirely forgotten I even owned! We probably ended up keeping a third, donating a third, and discarding a third that really served no purpose and was no use to anyone anymore. Not only did it make my move much less stressful, I found the whole experience very therapeutic and emotionally rewarding as well. I know exactly what I own and where to find it, and although I now live in a smaller apartment, I actually have more space to live and breathe!

Amy L - Writer, Berkeley, CA

After seeing the amazing work Sue did in my parents' kitchen a few years ago, and then again, helping us in the very difficult days following my mother's passing (Sue helped us organize and clean out Mom's closets to prep for donations and to give my Dad a sense of closure), I was excited to invite her into my own home to help me pare down and tidy up. We live in a small house, but after Sue finished with it, we had way less stuff (I didn't miss one single thing that we let go of), and plenty of extra storage. I can't even tell you how satisfying that was! Everything looked great AND served a purpose. Not only is Sue amazing at what she does, she makes it look effortless. Her British charm and wit are a perfect complement to this kind of work, and it enables the experience to not just be transformative, but also fun! I HIGHLY recommend working with her if you get the chance! Thanks again, Sue!


Kirsten N - Executive, New York, NY

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G - We are up at the house and finally had a chance to open all closets in the main house and explore downstairs. It looks so great. I love love love the kitchen. I spent a long time admiring the drawers and shelving and it made me so happy.  Downstairs is great too. So much away and looking just terrific in the laundry room. Thanks for all the hard work and thought that went into the sorting. We can tell you all thought hard about where things should go. I feel so much calmer up here today knowing that things are in order.

Lisa G - Executive, Bronxville, NY

Thank you for sharing your special gift of organization and calmness.  I think your business model is fantastic and after you left I felt so much more in control and able to focus on the important aspects of my life!  I look forward to working with you in the future organizing our next home and learning how to clear my life to allow the next chapter to happen.  You are doing very important work and changing people’s lives.  I appreciate the positive energy you have bought to our lives.  


David F - Facebook Executive, New York, NY

I know my Dad has really enjoyed working with you. This entire process has been really challenging given my Mom's condition and you have had more success than anyone in helping them move forward in a productive way that they feel good about. We are all so grateful.

Carrie A - Executive and Mother, Brooklyn, NY

Your life will never be the same! getting super Sue to sort you out (especially closets, in my case) will provide you with a sense of peace, calm and control, totally worth every $ and the effects of her intervention can last a lifetime!

Jenn M - Amazon Executive, Brooklyn, NY

I didn't think I was a very disorganized person. Enter Sue who completely reinvented how I can store my toiletries, makeup and jewelry. Sue is organized on steroids and took my somewhat system to the level I always hoped and envisioned I could be!  Not only does the system work she is not a minimalist and allows for you to make the choice to keep or let go. Her creative approach to space and materials was eye opening. I would not hesitate to have her back to work on more drawer organizing, file organizing, name it, let her touch it; and it will be transformed!


Donna K - Jupiter Farms, FL

Over the years, through multiple homes, I continued to accumulate documents and odds ‘n’ ends in a closet that was overflowing and disorganized.  I have limited storage space, and could never find what I needed in there.  After years of frustration and aggravation, I realized I needed help, and called Sorted by Sue. I now wonder why I waited so long!

Sue came to the house and sat with me and asked me questions, not just about the closet, but about what things are important to me. She asked how I wanted to use the space, and even walked me through a visualization about the closet and the overall space in my house.  She gave me a new perspective on clutter and keeping unnecessary, outdated and useless things, freeing it to get rid of so much junk that I had accumulated for so long.

In the end, we got rid of nearly 20 years of old records I’d been hanging onto.  She reorganized what I needed to keep and removed or shredded what I didn’t.  I am able to easily get to the things that I need, and can open the closet door without the stress I used to feel.  I would recommend Sorted by Sue to anyone who needs a fresh start.  She gave me freedom from the frustration and irritation of clutter that comes from hanging onto “stuff” you don’t even realize is causing the stress, until it’s gone.


Joseph F - Executive, New York, NY

My office is off of the living room in our house, and is what I always called “a work in progress.”  My wife complained that it was a mess, but I would not let her clean it, afraid that she’d throw away important papers, or that I wouldn’t be able to find anything after she was done.  We were really having problems because of it. I was talking to a friend, who recommended Sorted by Sue, and called her.

Sue was on time, and took the time to figure out what I really needed done in the office.  We went through a brief questionnaire that focused on my priorities and work habits.  She described a philosophy of clutter that, in the end, has changed my view of my “light hoarding” behaviors.  She then began to remove and reorganize papers for re-prioritizing, scanning, re-filing, and most importantly removal.  She cleared out cabinet space and made my filing system easily accessible.  She gently guided me toward finding a place for everything on my desk, where I didn’t think any existed.

My wife and I are no longer arguing about my office, and I’ve begun to rethink how, what, and why I keep things.  I am so thrilled with what I feel is my new office, and I have Sorted by Sue to thank for that!


Diana C - Fertility Doctor and Mother, New York, NY

If anyone is looking for help organizing their closets, drawers cupboards etc.. I highly highly recommend Sue Rae from Sorted by Sue. Sue came to my house yesterday and in under 4 hours organized my closet but feels like she organized my life. 

I had been putting off organizing my closets for years now but with a new 4 month old baby at home the disorganization was really getting to me but I've obviously had less free time available to actually get to the organizing. Going back to work was hard enough but with a new baby I had zero time to shuffle through the closet in the am looking for work clothing. I chose to wear the same thing day after day rather than waste 7 minutes in the am just to find that shirt I vaguely remembered owning. Sue came over and swiftly and enthusiastically got all my work clothes together and organized everything else in there too (skirts, slacks, summer, winter etc) and color coordinated it no less!!! She even ran to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some thin black hangers that she thought would look really nice and make more room in my closet. She was so right!!

She has such a good attitude and is so patient and fun. I even held and nursed my infant in the room while she worked and explained which dresses were "work" category and which were "fancy". I really can't say enough great things about Sue and about the whole experience. 


Anya A - Office Manager, New York, NY

Sue came in and really did 'Sort' everything out!  She took my massive jumble of bills, invoices, print outs, and a ton of miscellaneous paperwork and made sense of it all. Sue created a simple, easy to use system that I quite frankly found myself opening the drawers to look at frequently for a few days after she left!  I'll be calling on Sue for future sorting out!