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Closet Cleanse

Sort, simplify and organize.

Kitchen & Bathroom Blitz

Clear, clean and reimagine.

Paperwork Purge

Prioritize, shred and file.

Moving Home

Declutter, pack and unpack.


What people ARE SAYING


I feel 10lbs lighter after yesterday’s closet cleanse!
— Emily V - Writer, Brooklyn, NY
You are truly talented and inspiring. A heady cocktail in one woman - one part Marie Kondo, one part Mary Poppins and one part good witch of the north - except with more class, zest and moxy than any of them ever had. My closet now makes me feel at peace with the world and therefore myself. It’s a blessing and a gift.
— Gilly W - Executive Coach and Mother, New York, NY
If Sue could help me so effectively for so long, I’m pretty certain she can help just about anybody. I could not recommend her more highly.
— Andy B - Google Executive, New York, NY
The older I get the harder it is for me to keep things organized. Now everything has its place and I feel so much calmer. I can’t thank you enough.
— Phyllis L - Retiree, New York, NY
I would not hesitate to have her back to work on more drawer organizing, file organizing, name it, let her touch it; and it will be transformed!
— Jenn M, Executive, Brooklyn, NY
Thank you so much! What you accomplished is amazing! Drawers and cabinets are so great – looking forward to using all of these rediscoveries!
— Craig N, Executive, New York, NY
After years of frustration and aggravation, I realized I needed help, and called Sorted by Sue. I now wonder why I waited so long.
— Donna K - New York, NY
Thank you for sharing your special gift of organization and calmness. After you left I felt so much more in control and able to focus on the important aspects of my life.
— Lisa G - Executive and Mother, Bronxville, NY
I don’t know how you created so much extra space in my studio but I am beyond grateful.
— Marko W, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, New York, NY