Closet Cleanse

We all know that mess = stress. If you’re reading this, chances are your closet is disorganized and maybe a little bit messy? You’re not alone, but now it’s time to cleanse your closet. 

Together we will go through those tight jeans, questionable purchases, unflattering tops and old shoes to make room for the clothes that not only make you look good but feel good, too. Once the remaining items are folded and hung, you will instantly see how much space you created in your closet – a better place to store clothes that you love and that spark joy for you. 



Is your kitchen in a quandary?  Are your hotel shampoo samples taking over? Kitchens are
the heart of the home and your bathroom is
a place for self-nourishment so let’s make them easy to navigate. The Blitz organizes and streamlines your bathroom and kitchen. Space saving strategies and organizational tactics will leave your cabinets organized and looking sharp. A little care goes a long way!


Paperwork Purge

Deep breath. This won’t be as painful as it seems. Together we will sort your paperwork into categories of those you need to keep (by law), projects you’re working on, and those needing immediate action. We’ll create a customized filing system or, for those who are interested in cloud storage solutions, we’ll scan, name and organize your files so you can actually find them when and where you need them – on your computer, phone or tablet. Backed up and stored securely, your files will be shareable with your family, friends, and even your accountant.  The rest will be shredded!


Storage units

Let’s be honest, how many times have you visited your trusty (and expensive) storage unit lately? Or are you too scared to go alone? Together we will take that trip and determine what you really need in your life and either decrease that monthly payment or, better still, get rid of it all together. It might be one less bill to pay, less stuff to worry about and money in your pocket.


Junk Mail

Mailbox madness? Are you worried the mailman can’t jam in any more catalogues? We'll optimize your mail by removing your name from any junk listings so that only what you’ve subscribed to arrives in your box.


Digital and Desktop Decluttering


It is absolutely possible to get your inbox under control. We’ll streamline your folders and filters to organize your inbox so you can let the rest go. With an array of tools to increase your efficiency in travel, calendar, password managers, cloud-based backup, junk mail management, social media management, scheduling, you’ll be organized before you know it.


The Kleenex will be on hand in case you need it. Half joking, but I do find it’s best to leave this category until last as the emotional component can make these decisions hard. However, by this time you will have honed your super skills for sorting and discarding. Whether it’s family photos, letters from old boyfriends or that crocheted blanket your grandmother knitted you, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and decide how best to display or store these treasures going forward. 



You are unique and so are your needs. First we'll arrange a convenient time to talk on the phone about your situation and schedule a complimentary Skype or Google Hangout or if it’s a larger project we can arrange a 30 minute in-home assessment where I’ll give you an assessment of project length and costs and create a plan to get you organized, donate any unwanted items and get you a tax deductible receipt. Just fill out your details on the contact page and I’ll get back to you.




What’s better than receiving a gift that you actually want? A Sorted by Sue gift certificate
can be used for any service, tailored to your needs. Redeemable within one year of purchase.



Do you have any questions? Need to know more? Curious about other areas of your home that you need help with?  
Then fill in your details on the contact page and I’ll be in touch soon.